Growing Popularity of Drag & Drop

Since starting out in 2006, Wix has evolved to become a global leader in website creation and are constantly developing their features and capabilities to enable small business owners to create and manage a professional online presence with ease. Wix’s growth in recent years has been meteoric, due in large part due to their global marketing campaigns using well know celebrities to promote the platform. Today, Wix is considered the biggest single player in the website building arena and hosts almost 200 million websites.

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Super Easy to Manage

The Wix CMS has an excellent drag-and-drop site builder which makes it easy to manage, maintain and edit. Wix is ideal for small businesses, clubs and associations that need a simplified CMS and who are mindful of the ongoing maintenenace needs other platforms have and the associated costs. Once your Wix website is built however, you are committed to Wix as your host going forward and the website cannot be transferred or moved away from Wix.

On the plus side, Wix’s platform is fully maintained so there is no need to back up your site, update plug-ins or widgets and test if they’re still compatable as everything on the Wix platform is owned, controlled or managed by Wix.

Certified Wix Pro & Partner

Small Business Genies has been working with the Wix platform for 10 years and is an Authorised Wix Pro Designer and Partner. Becuase of this, we have a direct line (Account Manager) who can trouble shoot things for us if the need arises. We’ve built hundreds of Wix websites over the years and know where people come unstuck then they attempt to do it all themselves. With basic packages starting at $599+GST, getting you business online has never been easier.

Small Business Genies Wix Partner
Small Business Genies Mobile Responsive Website Design

Custom Built Wix Websites

If you can’t find what you’re looking for amongst the over 500 FREE templates currently available, then Small Business Genies can custom design your new website based on your corporate style guide, elements you admire from other websites or your very own unique design.  Once we’ve built it, we’ll hand it over with some training on how to manage your new website going forward.

SBG Web Pages
Fold 7 Wix Website

FOLD 7.  Changing the Way You Change.

Innovators in change management, Fold 7 came to Small Business Genies to create their new website. The brief was to remove or limit the use of imagery that distracted from their core message. The new site needed to incorporate their new colour pallet and elements that better represented their brandmark.

Due of previous bad experience managing their own WordPress website, Fold 7 chose the Wix platform for its simpicity, ease of management and zero ongoing maintenance.

Urbanise. Property Management Software.

Urbanise came to Small Business Genies requiring a custom designed Wix website. Urbanise had a very clear vision in terms of layout and design. As a software developer, they also wanted to incorporate video, a members area, subscriber database and direct link to their software portal.

Urbanise wanted all content management, subscriber and news updates handled internally by their administration team, so Small Business Genies provided training to ensure a smooth transition.

Small Business Genies Wix Partner
Small Business Genies Mobile Responsive Website Design

Devonfield. Empowering People with Disability.

Devonfield came to Small Business Genies wanting to replace their old WordPress website with a new low maintenance custom designed Wix website. Devonfield chose Wix for its zero ongoing maintenance and the ability to easily train support staff on managing and updating content via its easy to use CMS.

Devonfield also required an employee portal for staff  to validate their policies, procedures and WHS knowledge together with a section for staff FAQ’s and quick links to NDIS other support services.

Small Business Genies Wix Partner
Small Business Genies Mobile Responsive Website Design

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