Marketing is part of our DNA

At Small Business Genies, we’re a marketing agency first and foremost. Yes, we build lovely websites, create great content, direct engaging videos and commercials and design memorable brandmarks, but without an understanding of sound marketing principals, these are just individual skillsets. We live and breath marketing strategy and provide clients with valueable insights and support so their good ideas become the next new reality.

Marketing plays a vital role in presenting and connecting your business to your target audience. It leverages your value proposition and shapes the products and services you offer. It also relys on effective engagement and clear communication strategies to deliver it.

Your Remote Marketing Department

For some of our clients, Small Business Genies works as their remote or onsite marketing department providing support and advice on everything from product development, marketing communications, socail media content and employee engagement as well as creative concepts for advertising, conferences and events.

At Small Business Genies, we delight in adding real value across such a diverse array of industries. To view some examples of our work, simply click on any of the logos below.

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No matter where you're at in your business development journey, Small Business Genies can add real value and save you money and time with great business advice, marketing strategy, website and graphic design, branding, print, video production and much much more.