Great Work at Work

Small Business Genies has worked with MetaPeople since it began in 2013. Apart from building multiple websites, designing marketing collateral and creating countless recruitment videos, one of the first projects we undertook was to help them determine their value proposition; We attract great people; We develop people to be great at what they do; We support businesses to achieve great things through their people; It’s how we create Great Work at Work.

Today, MetaPeople continues to live up to their brand promise in everything they do. How they advertise, promote their brand, communicate and recruit continues to set them apart in a highly competetive industry.

Recruitment Videos

Part of MetaPeople’s value proposition is the transparency they offer candiates about the organisations they’re recruiting for. They’re also crystal clear about the expectations of the organistion and what’s required of the candidate to be considered and successful in the role. MetaPeople’s SuccessMapping process provide a clear roadmap for candidates and is unique in the recruitment industry. Below is just a sample of the many recruitment ads we continue to produced for MetaPeople.  We read the job description, write an effective script, organise professional voice talent, edit together relevant brand footage and deliver it back to MetaPeople usually with 48 hours.

Meet the MetaPeople

The owner of MetaPeople is a huge Southpark fan, so we develped a family of characters to represented the various industry sectors they service and deliver key messages on behalf of each products or services MetaPeople offer. Some products have been so successful, they’ve generated more that 20,000 views.

Meta 1

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