Why Small Business Genies?

Hello, I’m Ron, founder and Head Genie at Small Business Genies. A full service marketing, website design, graphic design, print, video, advertising and creative agency located here on the beautiful Central Coast in NSW.  Just think of Small Business Genies as your very own well resourced and highly experienced marketing department – without the big agency overheads.

We understand what it takes to start and run a small business – we’re one too. Often, becuase of limited resources, we try our hand at just about anyting simply to save money, only to find there are plenty of things we’re simply just not good at. For me, it means I don’t attempt a lot of things like concreting, tiling or mechanical repairs to name just a few. I simply lack the skill, experience or aptitude for it. 

Much of what we do is not rocket science, but it does require knowledge and exppertise. It also pays to have an experienced and well resourced partner on your side who can save you from making the obvious (and often costly) mistakes.

Today, and especially now in the wake of COVID, small business must be more competitive than ever.  We need to think smarter, be more creative and react to the changing needs faster.  At Small Business Genies, our skill is in removing the marketing stress and uncertainty from growing your business and help you navigate the way forward.  I invite you to give us a call?

A little about me

I’ve been in marketing and sales my entire working life.  And while I started out in retail when shops closed at midday on Saturday, I’ve held senior roles in a number of blue chip organisations spanning franchising, wholesale and retail consumer goods, advertising, print media and logistics.

Over the last 30 years I’ve been the creative lead on large advertising accounts, shot television commercials, managed daily newspapers, created and launched magazines and newspapers, created and managed a franchise, developed education and training programs and project managed a multi-million dollar web platform.

The push I needed came in 2011 following the sale of Star Track Express (by Qantas) to Australia Post. After several years as head of marketing, the opportunity presented itself to concentrate my efforts on a marketing consultancy I had established a decade earlier.  Know then as Epiphany, the clients we worked with were primarily from the medical arena such as Pharmacia Upjohn and Smith & Nephew Surgical.

In 2014, Epiphany became Small Business Genies with its focus now squarely on helping small business owners establish, develop and grow their business. Today, we still work with some large medical companies like Baxter Healthcare and QIAGEN, but we continue to apply our knowledge and experience to helping small business owners here on the Central Coast.

30 years on, two sayings continue to ring true for me. The first is; “The number of important ideas to communicate about a product or service is odd, and three is too many”. The other is; “Whether it’s bathtubs or battleships, the process is still the same”. In short, get to the point about what you want to say. And no matter how unique you may think your product or service is, the fundamental rules of marketing engagement always apply.

If you’ve read this far, I’d like to leave you with this challenge. What is your value proposition? What is it about you or your business that sets you apart from your competitors? What can you do better that your competitors either don’t, won’t or can’t do? And why would someone choose to spend their hard earned money with you or your product ahead of anyone else in your market?  Oh, and spoiler alert – you’re not allowed to use the word “Customer Service”. After all, doesn’t every think they have great customer service?

For Small Business Genies, our value proposition is the 30 years of hard-won knowledge and experience we bring to the table.

Meet Ron McMahon Small Business Genie

Marketing Strategist. Web Developer. Graphic Artist. Copywriter. Product Designer. Film Director. Trade Printer. Business Advisor.


Good marketing makes you feel clever. Clever marketing makes your customers feel good. 

Brand Identity

Your brand is what people think and say about it when you’re not listening.

Web Design

Over 30% of buyers won’t consider a business without a website. Without a website, do you really exist?

Graphic Design

Design without strategy is simply art. Design that incorporates strategy is marketing.

Video Production

YouTube is the second largest search engine on the planet. It’s the largest force in content marketing.

Business Strategy

Strategy for small business is about understanding what motivates your customers to buy from you.

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